The Fractured Collection

‘Fractured' Paintings and Drawings

This style of modern art I have been developing for two years is called ‘Fractured’. It is inspired by the Russian Constructivists and Cubism. I create these paintings from imagination. However, I can be inspired by a photo, landscape or building and will base the image on that. It is not meant to be a representational image. I want to draw the viewer into the picture and see different shapes, colours and images, yet still seeing a recognisable subject. It is unique and has been very popular with my customers. I work in either acrylic paint or coloured pencil.

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Wast Water- Lake District


Night Village

Freshly Picked

After a Hard Day

Glass Flames

Stylish Guildford

Harbour Life

Under The Water

Orchid in Light

Crummock Water,
Lake District

Beach Huts

Glass of Port

Guildford Cathedral Shining

Kingston Bridge

Lighthouse with Crab

Winter Light

St Ives at Low Tide

Guildford Cathedral


Ready to Set Sail


Fractured Lilies


Fractured Glass

Harbour boats

Forth Road Bridge

Purple Fish



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